Unbelievable: The Man Who Ate Daffodils

Attending: Saturday & Sunday

Simon Wyatt is Graphic Novelist and Fantasy Illustrator with over 30 years experience, producing Cd & Album Cover Art, Book Illustration, Portraits, Cartoons and Caricatures (and has also created  Concept Art for role-playing games and Iron Maiden’s design studio).  

His published book illustrations have appeared in Haunted Maidstone and Cryptids In The Movies by Neil Arnold, The Real Men In Black And The Slenderman Mysteries by Nick Redfern and Discovery Channel’s Unexplained Files (Episode 5 - The Mothman) and Paranormal Magazine in the UK.

Wyatt is a Stan Lee Award Winning Artist: (POW Entertainment's Cataclysmic Comic Art Contest) and his Creator owned original Graphic Novel Series-  'Unbelievable' is Published by AAM/Markosia Publishing (Extreme Imprint)

Writer/Artist: Unbelievable - The Man Who Ate Daffodils. (Vol.1)

Writer/Artist:  Unbelievable – The Lord Of Winter (Vol.2) (OGN) Coming 2018

Writer/Artist:  Unbelievable - The Wild Hunt (Vol.3) (OGN) Coming 2018

He has also produced various artwork for Orang Utan Comics during the last 10 years including: 'Danick and The Dragon' - (Eleventh Hour #2 , Eleventh Hour Collector’s Edition &  the Eagle Award Nominated - Eleventh Hour Vol. 1) and full colour art for: 'Valhalla – Hall of Heroes' (FTL #3 / FTL Year 1 TPB) 

He has just completed: 'Danick and The Gelatinous Cube' for 'The Return of The Son of Eleventh Hour' (Orangutan Comics' 10 Year Anniversary Edition Anthology) - Out now!  


Unbelievable: The Man Who Ate Daffodils -  (AAM Markosia Publishing Extreme Imprint) 

The Return of The Son Of Eleventh Hour - (Orangutan Comics) 


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