Anthony Head will be gracing us with his presence at Film and Comic Con Cardiff 2018.

Anthony first appeared on our screens in the 70’s with parts in several TV series, and then caught our collective attention in the 80’s and 90’s Nescafe Gold Blend coffee adverts. Since then, he has appeared in literally millions of TV shows (may be slight exaggeration!). 

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will know him as Rupert Giles, beloved watcher and pretty ace demon fighter. Rupert became a staple of the series, and his return after a brief hiatus got a resounding cheer from fans. 

He then moved on to Little Britain, playing the Prime Minister and doing some pretty naughty deeds while he was in charge of the country. Alongside this, he starred in Merlin, as the rather unpleasant King Uther Pendragon, outlawing magic and killing anyone who dared to use it. 

In 2013, Anthony took on the role of evil Warehouse caretaker Paracelsus. During his time on the show he repeatedly tried to kill off much-loved characters, a stark contrast to his time on Buffy. He also took a leading role in Dominion, where his character David Whele was similarly icky. 

On a lighter note, Anthony also appeared in You, Me and Them, alongside Eve Myles. He plays Ed, a man who is constantly battling with having an ex-wife and a younger girlfriend, and all of the hilarious family drama that comes with it. 

Most recently, he has recurring roles in shows like The Girlfriend, The Split and Vanity Fair. 

You can come along and Meet Anthony on Saturday and Sunday in Cardiff and grab a photo and an autograph. Anthony is always happy to meet his fans. 


By Danielle Allen


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