By now you’ve probably noticed that Game Of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon. It is broadcast in 170 countries to an audience of over 20 million and is translated into over a dozen languages. Location shoots have taken cast and crew all over Europe from it’s base in Belfast to the snowy climes of Iceland and the medieval city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. With this global outlook it shouldn’t be a surprise that it attracts a cosmopolitan cast. While the show is not short of globe trotters one of the more cosmopolitan cast members is Staz Nair. Born in Russia with Indian parentage and now based in London, Staz had a few miles under his belt before his acting career sent him all over Europe and to Hollywood.

Staz’s biggest role to date was cast in 2015 where after an X-Factor appearance he was cast as the Dothraki Bloodrider Qhono in Game Of Thrones. Qhono’s first appearance came in the Season 6 opener The Red Woman. He was around to witness Danaerys introduce herself as Khaleesi and Khal Drogo’s widow to Khal Moro and the fun that followed. Staz retained his role into Season 7 and having bent the knee earlier to Dany would feature quite often, perhaps most memorably when he invites an unimpressed John Snow to surrender his weapons ahead of an audience with the queen.

While just about everyone involved with the show will testify how much fun filming could be they will all agree it was also very hard work  and Staz was not excepted. He like several other Dothraki performers went on intensive horse riding courses with the intent that when the cameras rolled all the Dothraki would look like they had been riding since they could walk. Just to make things even more fun there were also crash courses on weapons, props and lessons in Dothraki language and custom!

Another role that Staz is known for is his performance as Rocky in the FOX’s Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again where he plays the titular Rocky. Mr Nair could certainly meet the aesthetic demands for the part – a look through his instagram will corroborate this- but was also able to meet the rest of the roles’ demands. His version of Sword of Damocles won over a few doubters and during the original broadcast was responsible for the term ‘Abs-tastic’ experiencing a surge on twitter.


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